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For only 50 euros per year + iva we will place your business listing on our specific webpage dedicated to your business town. We will add links to your Google My Businness (GMB) listing we will embed that listing into the webpage for your specific town. If you do not have a GMB listing we will set one up for you. This will help drive more traffic to your business and ultimately result in more enquiries and orders. An example of one of our town pages can be found here:
Places to stay in Aarons Hill, Surrey

Have you had that strange feeling that the internet knows what you're thinking? Here's how it works..

Sure, you are aware enough that if we type something into a search engine, it will use that information to show us products and services that are related to that search. But recently, it's got spookier than that.

These days, it seems like you only have to think about something and the internet seems to know. The next moment, we get inundated with products and services on our social media feeds, and we are absolutely sure we never typed anything in there. Is our phone listening to us? Did we even mention it?!

We also have a kind of idea that these kinds of insidious cleverness were used to influence the outcome of the Presidential election in the USA and the Brexit referendum in the UK. But we're not so sure how that was done.

The way it works is through the sheer depth and quantity of data that is captured. Here's a quick example, Let's say, that someone searches for a Valentine's gift for a woman. We can assume they are male and easily target that person with relevant goods and services, of course. However, what happens if we dig deeper into the data? Let's take a look at the profiles of the other devices on the same WiFi network on which the search took place. It is relatively simple to establish if this person is living with other people. Let's say the data reveals there are four mobile phones that connect to the WiFi. The profiles of two of them are under 14. OK. This is a family, and there is a very good chance the fourth person is the partner of the man searching for a valentine's gift. We can reasonably assume that this fourth person will be a woman, and will also be thinking about Valentine's day for their male partner, so let's market Valentine's day products and services to her too. Now, this lady has thought about Valentine's Day, but hasn't typed anything in. And she is freaked that the internet seems to know what she is thinking. That's how it works. Big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). And that is just a very simple example that only scratches the surface of the data possibilities.

Well, we here understand big data and AI, but we are not that shadowy about what we do and we prefer to keep it beautifully simple! We help businesses like yours showcase their products and services on web pages that are built in real-time in response to potential customers searching for your town. More specifically we target clients visiting your local town who are new to the area and have no idea of what the town has to offer.

If for example a client is looking to rent accommodation in your town, you can feature your business on the page in the knowledge that this person is interested in precisely your location, and we will put you in front of them without them even thinking about it.

Start advertising with us today and let others discover more about your town.

What does it cost?

We have a number of price options depending on the size of your business and whether you want to advertise just in your local town or in multiple towns or even nationally. We offer a reduced rate for content editors who wish to help us describe Aarons Hill in more detail.


Be the first to qualify as an Editor and enjoy a reduced rate of advertising. All you need to do is describe your town with a minimum of 100 words. This should include an overview of the town, its basic amenities and any notable points of interest including local pubs, parks etc. Subsequent editors would need to produce different content. To advertise your business for this town it will cost:

  • 25 euros + iva per year


If you have a single business that you wish to promote directly to your local marketplace along with those looking to visit Aarons Hill it will cost:

  • 50 euros + iva per year

We will add a link to your Google My Business (GMB) listing or if you do not have a GMB listing we will set one up for you at no extra charge.


If you have business outlets in different towns that you wish to promote directly to your local marketplace along with those looking to visit those towns it will cost for each town:

  • 35 euros + iva per year per town

We will add a link to your Google My Business (GMB) listings or if you do not have GMB listings we will set them up for you at no extra charge.


If you wish to advertise throughout the Republic of Ireland covering more than 44,000 towns it would cost:
  • 1800 euros + iva per year
You can find a complete list here: Republic of Ireland

If you wish to advertise throughout the UK covering more than 45,000 towns there would be an additional charge of 1800 euros + iva per year. A complete list of towns can be found on the following links: England

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