Apartments villas for rent in Octeville-sur-Mer

Holiday apartments villas Octeville-sur-Mer incl many self catering properties

Apartments villas for rent in Octeville-sur-Mer

We have a fantastic selection of holiday villas to Rent in Octeville-sur-Mer. All of our villa rentals are self catering holiday villas. At Holiday Octeville-sur-Mer we have select countryside and town center Holiday Villas and apartments. Octeville-sur-Mer vacation rental clients come to Holiday Octeville-sur-Mer to rent properties in France and once you have rented a France villa or apartments from our portfolio you are sure to enjoy your holiday and re-visit us on your next holiday. Below is a list of all our France villa and apartments in Octeville-sur-Mer and surrounding areas.

Private floor comfortable for 2 or more people Etretat Honfleur

  • Ref: 6766680
  • Type: Room
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Washrooms: 2
  • Town: Octeville-sur-Mer
  • Area: Seine-Maritime
  • Region: Normandy
  • Province: Haute Normandie
  • Country: France

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